The Ignored

The Ignored is a series on homelessness juxtaposed against the preconceived notions of Hawaii. It has highest per-capita rate of homelessness in the nation despite rarely being associated with this fact. Shot on Oahu, I documented what I believed was a representational slice of the societally created epidemic.

I did not take a strictly journalistic route. I incorporated my love of portraits and my growing interest in landscapes to develop a show that exhibited all sides of this topic. My intentions were to connect with the people I met, and show the connection of these people with the land.

I was fortunate enough to witness three different sides of homelessness: those on the streets of Honolulu, those on the beach in Waianae, and those living in large, structured community who did not consider themselves to be homeless but rather houseless.

Overall what I am most drawn to about photography is that I have the opportunity to foster an environment of empathy. My continued goal as a photographer is to be a voice to those who have been silenced.